Shining a Light on Dark Data

We help airlines collect and analyse overlooked customer data to create hyper-personalized and engaging loyalty programs.

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What is Dark Data?

Dark Data is the digital information that remains uncollected and unused. Airlines miss out on capturing $40 billion of Miles spending data, encompassing booking history, travel preferences and interactions.

Insufficient data in loyalty programs leads to a lack of personalisation, resulting in an average of 54% of airline loyalty accounts being inactive.

Arcube specialises in unlocking the potential of dark data by providing airlines with valuable passenger insights and empowering customer loyalty from the first flight.


Arcube offers a comprehensive platform that delivers insights for airlines and an integrated platform for passenger engagement, enhancing both airline loyalty and customer experiences.

Arcube’s platform provides airlines with insights into passenger miles, transactions, niche marketing data, and engagement reports, aimed to enhance loyalty.

Track Every Mile: Earning & Spending Data Insights

See where each and every passengers spends their loyalty points. A new data set based on interactions, past points spending and traveler patterns to create new loyalty offerings.

Track Transactions with Redemption Partners

Securely track passenger transactions with redemption partners while simplifying data aggregation, invoicing processes and generating new insights.

Customer Data Tags for Hyper-Niche Marketing

Every customer is given multiple hyper-niche data tags based on their behaviour patterns. This allows for personalised marketing initiatives for hyper-specific niches.

Arcube’s platform provides airlines with blockchain-based insights into passenger miles, transactions, niche marketing data, and engagement reports, aimed to enhance loyalty.

Personalise Airline Benefits For Every Flight

Arcube’s platform allows passengers to select benefits that provide instant rewards and promote miles spending. This improves customer experience and builds loyalty from the first flight.

Track Transactions with Redemption Partners

Our software enables customers to vote on design choices, menu selection, new loyalty rewards and more. This transforms passengers into empowered stakeholders of the airline.

Interact With Other Passengers and Community Members

Our integrated software lets passengers connect, share experiences, and engage with the airline. This provides valuable insights into customer behaviour and travel preferences.

Etihad Airways - Case Study

Ourtwo-year partnership with Etihad Airways commenced in April 2022 and unveiled several key insights that can be used to build the future infrastructures of travel loyalty programs with personalization and meaningful engagement at its core.  

1,300 passengers have enrolled on the Arcube-led pilot program (access via a digital loyalty pass) that allowed passengers to customize their benefits according to their preferences on all flights.

Some benefits include:
→  Etihad Silver Status (priority check-in, lounge access, extra baggage, free seat selection & 10+ additional benefits)
→  Virtual Club – 10% bonus miles, custom Etihad membership card & fast track to gold status
→  Earn miles everyday
→  Manchester City merchandise, Formula 1 & Formula E Ticket Giveaways


Miles spent in


Higher spend from passengers in pilot programme


Of pilot customers were new to Etihad

Etihad Horizon Club

The Etihad Horizon Club allows customers to engage with the airline, even when they aren’t flying. It promotes loyalty and spending, and creates more opportunities for customers to use  their Miles to redeem for flights, upgrades, on our in-platform store and on the Etihad Guest store.