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Why You Should Consider NFTs

You’ve probably heard of their hype before, but why are they worth incorporating into your business?

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Real-World Uses of NFTs

Build brand loyalty with your collection of NFTs. People who hold one of your brand’s NFTs can use it like a membership number, to access exclusive events, and more.

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How We Make Digital Assets

How do we turn your brands into digital assets?
Our step-by-step guide details the process.

Why Should You Consider NFTs?

Brand Appeal

The blockchain community is constantly growing with influencers and companies from every sector adopting the technology. Using NFTs, you can appeal to a growing audience, and increase brand awareness in this $3 trillion dollar ecosystem.


A good social media presence is essential for any company regardless of the industry. Creating and actively marketing utility-based NFTs will increase following, hype and engagement on social media platforms. As a large crypto-accepting institution, your brand (along with NFTs) build a loyal community based culture.


People often collect stamps or coins with the hope that they will appreciate in value. With the world becoming increasingly technological, it makes sense that collectibles become digitalised. The value of an NFT can also appreciate significantly – especially when associated with an already established real-world brand.

Early Adoption

Adopting blockchain technology in its early stages will make the transition easier when you want to use it on a larger scale. Innovations and developments are constant in the blockchain world – and you could be at the forefront of this change.

The NFT Creation Process

Understand your business needs

Understanding your product/service closely is key to determine what components of your brand are so powerful. Those elements are then isolated or combined to form the basis of the digital collection.

Graphic designers produce custom NFTs

From abstract art to real-world 3D modelling, our designers can help any business create digital assets. The choice to work virtually or in-person with our team will ensure the highest quality media is produced that fit your exact requirements.

Choose the right blockchain

Each blockchain has its unique features. We will help you make the right choice depending on your needs to target a specific audience, reduce transaction costs, or be environmentally conscious. Find specifics on blockchains here.

Mint NFTs and create crypto wallets

After the designs are finalised, we will make them authentic in the digital world. This involves setting up secure and flexible cryptocurrency wallets, minting tokens, and connecting your business with token exchanges.

Add utilities to the collection

Want NFTs that stand out from the crowd? Digital assets with real-world benefits is a certain way to build and create value. This could be in the form of memberships, loyalty schemes or physical merchandise that are unique to the NFTs.

Market digitally and globally

Increase your exposure whilst future-proofing your brand. After adding utilities with true value, reach an entirely new demographic and digital audience through our NFT-related marketing strategies.

List NFTs and collect royalties

Once sold on an exchange, the primary sale value is paid to your business. If the buyer chooses to sell in the future, a percentage of all future sales will be also sent to your wallet as a royalty.

alpha access membership

Real-World Utility

Every NFT is unique, and just like a membership number, holders can be given exclusive rewards.

The benefits don’t just stop there. Using custom tokens, holders of NFTs can gain access to exclusive real-world benefits, loyalty schemes, and more.

Membership Schemes

With every blockchain being transparent, NFTs minted by our addresses can be tracked, and used like a loyalty card.

Holder-exclusive events, merchandise or permissions could be given – as a reward to those who continue to support your brand.

Loyalty Programs

Ever dreamt of having your own cryptocurrency? Now it’s easy. Create gas-efficient custom tokens to reward NFT holders for events they have attended, support they have given or products/services they have purchased.

Building a Community

Keep holders engaged, even after they’ve bought an NFT and supported your brand.

Retaining their attention by providing value, will increase your brand engagement both digitally and in-person.

Continued Support

Our Business Partnership is Here To Stay

Lifetime NFT Monitoring

One of the major advantages of a blockchain is the transparency they provide. Our custom tokens and NFTs can be tracked along the blockchain to see how their value has changed, and how it may change in the future. Insights can also provide what makes tokens more popular.

Blockchain Updates and Opportunities

After we help you to create your first collection, keeping up to date with changes in blockchain technology and the NFT market is essential. The evolving landscape will also have many opportunities for future collections.

Future Partnerships

Members of the NFT community hold a high value for collaborative content, as it is perceived as limited edition. By collaborating with another company to release an NFT collection, you can boost your target audience and increase collection exposure.

Drop Calendar

We will create a detailed plan for your next collection drops that will help you to make the most out of events such as holiday seasons, promotions, product launches etc.

Any Blockchain

With our capacity to mint on any NFT-supporting blockchain, or even a mix of multiple, you can truly listen to your customers’ preferences.