Privacy Policy

Lyte IB Works Pvt Ltd (t/a “Arcube”) (“we”, “us”, “our”) takes all necessary precautions to ensure that user data is kept secure. The “Site” is defined as and/or Services borne or related to the Site are defined as the “Services”. Visitors to the Site and purchasers of the Services shall be referred to as “you”, “User”, “Customer” herein.

This privacy policy illustrates how we collect, utilise, and share “Personal Data” to perform the Services relating to Arcube and the Site – this data will be able associated with you as an individual. The use of the Site, and Services provided, is subject to our terms and conditions.

We collect information from the Sites for the sole reason of providing the Services. Information collected could be basic “Personal Data”, such as an email address, full name, phone number, and could also be a physical/billing address, Ethereum, or other blockchain wallet address. We also collect information to perform the Services on behalf of our partners, licensors, and vendors, which could be a loyalty program number, for example. You also provide us with Personal Data when contacting us or other voluntary points, which will be used in providing feedback. We also can also aggregate your data, where the data is disassociated with you, or any individual, and also solely to perform the Services, this can be created from the Personal Data, and anonymised if applicable.

Data can be collected automatically, such as IP addresses, browser types, device specifics, timestamps, and data on how you navigate our Site. This is collected for security purposes, to ensure that web traffic is legitimate, and also to understand our customers through trends and user flows. We may also collect data through cookies, third-party analytics software, log files and web beacons. By using our Service and accepting to the Terms and Conditions, you also accept that data processing may be complete by third-party analytics and web security companies when required to by law, or otherwise. We may also analyse different blockchains and other publicly available information to determine the past performance, or estimate the future performance, of the Services.

As mentioned above, the use of your Personal Data is to complete our Services in the best possible manner, and to constantly improve the Site and Services. Data is collected and used specifically for
• to identify natural persons on our Site
• analyse if persons are eligible to access the Site and Services, as defined in our Terms and Conditions
• the sale of non-fungible tokens through the site (“Sale NFTs), and other provision of the Services• to associate a wallet address with a natural person for legal and tax purposes.
• To comply with all applicable laws, and to defend or pursue legal action.
• To provide customer support and relay feedback.
• Prevent fraud, hacking, lower web security risks, bot attacks, malware, spyware, or other attacks to Users or Arcube.
• To provide confirmation, order, mailing list and other email notifications
• Use Personal Data for other purposes relating to the Site and Services

The distribution of information and data will not be completed without necessary reason. Parties we may share your data with include licensors, vendors, partners, associates, parent/child companies, law enforcement, lawyers, or service providers.

The Service may provide links to external websites or blockchain wallet providers. Other websites may collect data on you, and we do not have control over sites outside the Site. You may have to accept and abide by Privacy Policies on external websites. We do not guarantee the safety of any external website, wallet provider, nor link provided on the Site.

Users can also block Cookies from the Site at any point. This however may make the Site and thus the Services unavailable to the user either partially or entirely. You may sign up, or be signed up to, email communications when using the Site or Service. These could be essential emails, such as an order confirmation or invoice, or it could also be emails associated with marketing and promotions, both of our Services and third-party services. At any point can you request your removal from marketing and promotional emails, yet this may not be possible with essential emails regarding the Services.

Arcube operates and engages with service providers, licensors, and other entities in various jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions may not operate by the same data or web security protection legislation as your jurisdiction of residency. We take various steps to ensure that your personal data is protected effectively in alternative jurisdictions.

Your privacy rights may change depending on the location of residency.

Californian consumers have certain rights under the Californian Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). These include the right to request access to how, and what of your Personal Data is being collected and/or shared with third parties, the ability to request that Personal Data collected about you is deleted, and the right to opt-out of the sale of your Personal Data.

Consumers in the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and United Kingdom (“UK”) have certain rights under the European General Data Protection Regulations (“EEA GDPR”) and UK General Data Protection Regulations (“UK GDPR”), respectively. Consumers can request access to, edits of, deletion of, obtain copies of, deny collection of and restrict collection of, Personal Data, in an humanly understandable format. The consent to the collection and processing of data can be removed at any point.

To exercise the rights of CCPA, EEA GDPR or UK GDPR, or other applicable privacy laws, please contact us through our “Contact Us” page. We act upon every request in line with applicable laws and will not discriminate against the exercising of rights. Data that involves blockchain transactions or other interactions with blockchain, may not be able to be erased, changed, or removed, due to the nature of the technology and digital ledger.

Arcube does not sell your Personal Data, or any personal information about its customers.

Arcube does not intentionally collect, process, or share Personal Data of those ineligible to the Site and Services, defined in our Terms and Conditions, this includes Minors. If there is reason to believe that Arcube has collected Personal Information of anyone ineligible to access our Site or Services, this can be requested for deletion, through contacting us through our “Contact Us” page.

For any more questions, please contact us through the “Contact Us” page. Changes to this Privacy Policy can occur, and notification will be made in accordance with these changes.