Our Services

Unleash the power of blockchain technology for your brand with our specialized services. From creating unique digital assets for events to providing end-to-end NFT creation, we help you stand out and drive results.

Our Services

End-to-End NFT Service

Launch an NFT collection with custom artwork, strategy, web3 marketing and payment solutions that fit your target audiences. Add physical or digital utilities to reward buyers and holders.

Asset Tokenization

From rewarding loyal customers with your own token, to tokenising your assets, or accepting crypto payments. Create a solution that works for your business in web3.

Digital Assets for Events

Scan a QR code or tap an NFC reader and claim collectibles for attending events both in-person or digitally. Can also be used to redeem digital or physical utilities as a “thank you” for attending.

How We Launch An NFT Collection



Unlock the full potential of web3 for your brand with our tailored strategy, designed to align with your audience, goals, and community.


Creative Design

Unleash the power of digital art and storytelling to elevate your brand through our expert creation of visuals, narratives and campaigns for web3, social media, sales platforms, events and beyond.



Streamline your brand's web3 experience with our development of systems, smart contracts and sales platforms. Make your collections out of this world, adding voting rights, staking or token-gating.


Payments and Legal

Integrate payment solutions using both fiat and crypto. Existing brand customers can pay with traditional methods such as credit and debit cards, while crypto-native options, such as Ethereum, are also available.


Web2 and web3 Marketing

Expand your brand's reach in the web3 community through our extensive network of alpha groups, Telegram, Discord and premier web3 partners, gain access to a new and engaged audience, and stay ahead of the curve with our industry connections.


Collection Launch

Launch your NFT collection to the world with our comprehensive support, guidance and expertise, ensuring a successful debut.

NFTs For Events

QR Code + NFC Additions

Easily obtain digital collectibles through scanning QR codes or NFC chips, simple and applicable for any event.

In-Person or Digital Events

Our solution can be used for both in-person and digital events, providing unique engagement opportunities, tracking attendance and rewards.

Cost Effective

Reward potential customers with digital collectibles in a cost-effective way, to show a commitment to web3 for your brand.

Web3 In Your Business

Transform your brand with web3 by allowing customers shape its future and to vote, using asset tokenization, for ownership and liquidity.

Access exclusive experiences, impossible in the physical world. Enhance transparency, security and brand exposure.

Arcube handles your entire process and ensures a smooth transition to the future of business.

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